Strong VT™ Beard Darkening Shampoo Bar

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While a little gray may signify wisdom and experience – and isn’t necessarily unattractive to others – it isn’t always a welcome sight.
Take the gray out of your beard in just 5 minutes! Give it a more youthful appearance, and slow the onslaught of aging!
It naturally restores pigment cells, while conditioning with 100 % organic herbs which are non- toxic & chemical-free. Safer compare to any traditional shampoo while bringing you a shiny & vivid beard!


  • BEARD DARKENING EFFECTS: gradually reduces greys while it cleans, darkens hair & beard, conditions, and revitalizes hair. 
  • CONVENIENT USE FOR A VISIBLE RESULT: achieve dark hair goals all this by doing something you were going to do anyway - shampoo your hair. Simply rub this on your head.

  • SAVE TIME & MONEY: Recapture your beard with beard shampoo in just 5 minutes.

  • 100% ORGANIC & SAFE: it does not contain harmful content and chemicals.


  • Size: 5.8 x 5.8 x 2.3 cm
  • Ingredients: Polygonum multi-flora, Panax ginseng, Glycerin Butyrospermum, Olea European, Water, Sodium palm oil.


Beard Darkening Shampoo Bar x 1