Secret Bang & Braid Headband

$13.97 $25.97

An easy and creative method to have the hair that you want in seconds, this is the secret bang and braid headband solution, an easy way to be stylish all day without caring to much about the texture or oiliness of it, will get you out of trouble at any time!

Use it as you would use a normal bandana, without the need for hairpins, it will always stay in place, no more worries!

We handle a wide variety of tones, so it will be easy for you to use it with your natural hair tone, this added to its texture that recreates natural hair, it will be the best option you can get.

  • Instant Hair Bangs
    Just wear
    the headband to add hair bang with a braid without haircut.

  • No one Discovers
    Securely clip to your head with a headband braid that flawlessly blend with your hair.
  • Secure Clipping
    Never loose or slip forward with anti-slip headband teeth.

  • Match your Hair Color
    We offer 10 shades to ensure a seamless blend with your own hair. You can also try a hair color different from yours for a unique two-tone/ highlight hairstyle!
  • Look & Feel Natural
    Made of premium soft, silky fiber that looks like real hair.

  • Highly Flexible
    Simply stretch to fit your head. Suitable to all head sizes. Also elastic and comfortable to wear without over tightening.

  • Restylable
    Can be further dyed,curled or straightened. Also feel free to cut the bang for desirable hair length.
  • Material: Heat-resistant Synthetic Fibers
  • Length: 16cm (Front bang), 22cm (Side bang)
  • Color: Honey blonde, Blonde, Ash blonde, Light brown, Dark brown, Espresso, Black, Auburn, Grey

    • 1 x Secret Bang & Braid Headband