PureAir™ Car Air Filter Purifier

$19.99 $29.99

ELIMINATES SMOKE & ODORS — PureAir uses ionization power for massive odor-fighting power. Neutralizes pollen, cigarette smoke, musty smells, pet odor, dust, PM2.5 air pollutants and kills harmful bacteria.

BREATHE BETTER — Ordinary air fresheners contain harmful chemicals. PureAir is 100% natural and non-toxic for a safer and healthier solution. 

IMPROVE AIR QUALITY — Unlike other air purifiers, PureAir doesn’t require filters. It destroys odor-causing particles and improves air quality instead of masking odors like ordinary perfumed air fresheners.

EASY TO INSTALL — Fits all cars, simply plug into a standard cigarette lighter outlet. Compact and attractive design with blue LED light shows when it's actively cleaning.