Professional Safety Dog Nail Clippers

$17.99 $35.98

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Cutting the nails of our pets is always a nightmare if we are afraid it is likely that we will transmit it to our furry friends and they will end up fearing the process, with this nail clipper you will not suffer anymore!

It has an ergonomic design that will do you good for your hands while protecting the health of your pet

Its built-in light will result in better nail viewing and less chance of hurting our best friend.

  • DESIGNED FOR SAFETY FIRST - With protective guard to protect your dogs from "Over-trimming" and safety lock for easy storage

    Our premium build dog nail clippers - Used by us everyday on pets and our clients

  • HIGH QUALITY AND EASY TO USE DESIGN - Light weight, non-slip rubber handles for comfortable grip and safety dog nail cutter
  • ERGONOMIC AND RUBBER-COATED HANDLES - Easy grip non-slip handles for a comfortable grip and ensuring a safe nail trimming experience