Galaxy Makeup Setting Spray

$22.97 $45.94

It’s heartbreaking to see all of your hard work, smearing a full-face makeup yet fades away before lunchtime. Dodge this pain and say never again with Galaxy Makeup Setting Spray!
Keep the fresher look, reset makeup during the day, and prevent any caky look. If you’re off to the gym or you plan to dance the night away then this will be your best friend.
Spritzing this makeup setting spray also gives you a lovely, cooling sensation! It adds to that dewy glow, helps your makeup stay put while staying completely invisible.


  • PERFECTLY SETS MAKE UP: a refreshing setting spray that helps makeup last and keep skin looking beautifully bright throughout the day.

  • KEEPING SKIN MATTE: Provide long-lasting sebum control performance.

  • SUBTLE GLOW AND SHIMMER: set shimmers onto the skin for a glamorous, glowing dewy look from every angle.

  • MOISTURIZING SETTING SPRAY: Hyaluronic acid and pearl extracts keep skin hydrated and soluble collagen helps tighten skin.

  • NANO-SCALE TECHNOLOGY: creating smoke and fog, making spray ultra-fine, wide, and even.
  • SKIN NOURISHING FORMULA: safe active makeup ingredients

  • EASY TO USE: with just a single spray, makeup will be set in the 30s


1 x Galaxy Makeup Setting Spray (100ml)