Natural Cork Non-Slip Yoga Mat With Carry Bag

Light weight, non-slip and beautifully made from natural cork and TPE rubber. This high quality, light weight, 5mm yoga mat provides a stable, non-slip surface for your practice.  
Perfect for home or studio use, this mat ensures the safety and comfort you need from downward dog to warrior 1 or for whatever yoga style you are practising. Especially suitable for hot yoga as cork is naturally absorbing, antimicrobial, with improved grip if it gets damp or wet.🧘‍♀️
Our Collection features 3 high quality Cork Yoga mats:
  1. 7 Chakras - With the 7 Sanskrit Symbols
  2. Guide Lines - To help symmetry
  3. Natural Cork - Simple beauty of light cork
  • Bold colours, non fading ink
  • Reversible and waterproof 
  • Foldable, the perfect lightweight travel mat - 1.0kg or 2.21b

  • Antimicrobial, latex and phythalate free
  • Extra tack, non-slip surface
  • Helps protect your joints 

Kit includes strong mesh and nylon carry bag and rope
    Lightweight cork - perfect for traveling
    Comfortable, absorbs sweat, nonslip and breathable - the perfect balance😍 
    Comfortable for meditation - peaceful body, peaceful mind

    Care:  Unroll and air out for 24 hours before use. Spot clean using a damp cloth, warm water and mild detergent. Dry flat. Roll up when not in use.

    ***Please Allow up to 4 Weeks For Delivery***