Elastic Bunion Corrector

$14.88 $35.98

Suffering from bunions because of wearing tight shoes or high heels every day? The good news is that you can realign your toes to the natural position without a surgery!

Our Bunion Corrector is great for treating toe extroversion, bunions, and joint inflammationMake sure every part of your foot remains comfortable and free of pain!

  • Maximum Bunion Relief:  Alleviates any pain associated with hallux valgus and bunion deformities.
  • Separates straightens, stretches and aligns your toes.
  • Eliminates friction between your toes.
  • Highly Stretchable and soft material for perfect fitting.
  • Excellent cushioning yet are slim enough to wear under socks and in your regular footwear.
  • Suitable for both left and right foot (1 pc only).
  • Package Includes: 1 pc Elastic Bunion Corrector