Compact Storage™ Double Shoe Rack

$19.99 $29.99

INSTANTLY DOUBLES YOUR STORAGE SPACE — Space saving shoe storage is the most affordable and best solution to double your storage space by stacking one shoe on top of the other. 

ALWAYS FIND THAT PERFECT PAIR EASILY — Allows you to view your shoe collection at a glance. Keeps your shoes neat, tidy, and organized. Shoe Slots are the perfect solution to always keep your room neat, organized and clutter free.

KEEPS YOUR CLOSET NEAT AND TIDY — Organizing tip from our experts: keep all floors and surfaces clear for an ultra tidy and modern look. As the old adage goes, an organized home, is an organized mind. 

EASY TO USE — No additional tools or assembly required. Shoe slots works everywhere, in closets, on shelves, with shoe racks, or even on the floor. Shoe Slots are perfect for all types of shoes from stiletto heels to sneakers.