Ceramic Straightening Hair Brush


Looking for an efficient way to straighten your hair? Our Straightening Brush will comb your hair, straighten your hair, and even shape your ends💁 to easily achieve that look you want, and achieve professional results at home!


  • ✔ Healthy and shiny hair: The straightening brush will give you a lively and dynamic effect, it does not completely press the hair, thus avoiding a flat and burnt appearance. Just brush your hair once and notice a dull, shiny color.

  • ✔ Save time: With our PTC heating technology, it will be ready to use in 60 seconds, and six easy to control heating levels between 130º and 200º to suit your hair type

  • ✔ Protective Anions: The heating layer releases nanoanions that protect your hair from dryness, frizz and hair loss

  • ✔Perfect for traveling: With a small size, and 360º anti-tangle cable, it will fit anywhere for when you travel!


  • Make sure your hair is dry and brush it briefly

  • Press the power button for 10 seconds to activate the brush

  • Choose the desired temperature (see reference below).

  • Just brush your hair gently and shape your hair!


  • Materials: Tourmaline ceramics and ABS

  • Thermal conductor diameter: 15MM

  • Color: Red

  • Size: 1.6* 9.8Inch

  • Weight: 1.1lb

  • Packet: 1* Ceramic straightening hair brush