Car Wash Brush

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Washing your own vehicle can be tiring sometimes, and you might spend over hundreds if you frequently wash your vehicle at car wash shop. Car Wash Brush is the tool invented to helps you on washing your car. The Car Wash Brush comes in 3 pieces, the cleaning brush, the pole and the bottle/ dispenser.
Installation for the Car Wash Brush is really easy, it is detachable and easy to carry or to store. The cleaning brush are specially designed with soft tip bristles to avoid damages or leaving scratches on your lovely vehicles. You can control the flow of water from the pole via it's button, so you can clean your car with the brush while the car shampoo is still there! You can detach or dissemble the dispenser bottle while not in use. Car Wash Brush also works well on cleaning windows too!


1. Please read the instruction manual before you assemble the brush.
2. Infuse right amount of washing fluid/ car shampoo. (Capacity: 900ml.)
3. Connect the hose kit to the water pipe of the tap and the brush.
4. Proportionately adjust the rotary knob.
5. Turn on the water tap.
6. Hold and control the pole of the brush with nozzle aiming at the object and spray foam.
7. Remove the dirty water with rubber cleaner and then wipe it with clean rag or scrap cotton yarn.

If there is a connector on your water pipe, you'll need to install a quick connector (not included in package).

1. Connect via water faucet. Please confirm the connections are tight to avoid any leakage.
2. Disconnect the hose kit from the when not in use.
3. Avoid mixing multiple kinds of car shampoo together.
4. Wear rubber gloves and protective glasses for extra safety features.