4D Imitation Eyebrow Tattoos

$10.97 $20.99

Eyebrows are a very important characteristic of a woman face, it marks her expressions and remark her eyes. You can improve your confident using 4D imitation eyebrow tattoos, they will make your natural hairs look fuller, and with an even color.

This is just a one step process to have a semi-permanent beautiful bountiful treatment in your brows! This product can also conceal thin brows caused by over plucking, aging and medical conditions like alopecia.

It is also waterproof and smudge-proof, you will have for 3 days the perfect eyebrows, saving money on other procedures such as microblanding that in average costs $2.000 and could not always be effective making you have bad results for a very long time.

With this tattoos you can change styles and colors as many times as you want to taste what could fit for you the best.


  • Naturally Full Luscious Brows
    The eyebrow tattoos are feathered with hairlike strokes to create natural-looking and luscious brows. No more ashy eyebrows using artificial eyebrow pencil.
  • Apply In Seconds!
    Just peel off the sticker and stamp on! Turn your thin and sparse eyebrows to full luscious, bountiful brows in seconds!
  • Waterproof & Smudge-Proof
    Can last for 3 days with proper care. Whether you're heading to work, dancig all night or hitting the gym - there's no need to apply extra products.
  • Alternative to microblading & brow pencils
    Replace artificial eyebrow pencils that leaves you arches ashy. Also saves you another $2000 for microblading that damages the eyebrow root!
  • Position the 4D bro tattoo on desired area.
  • Wet it with small amount of water.
  • Peel slowly and you'll get those GORGEOUS brows!
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